Big Data
is here.

We have a tool that can use it, and we are driven by two questions:

What can be learned from it?
What is the best way to use what we learn, for the benefit of all?

Who we are?

From afar, we look like a team of usual engineers, financial specialists and communication experts at work. In reality, our engineers could make space robots, our financial specialists are early retired geniuses and our communication experts probably developed telepathy and are keeping it a secret. We do have a thing in common, besides big data: we have always been driven by curiosity, and Big Connect was created as a way to understand the world around us.

This is why our focus is 99% on Big Data research and development.

Big Data is our obsession. It is the means to achieve what we always wanted, a way to “think at everything at the same time”, our intelligence being limited, in our view, by the amount of information we can process and understand in a limited amount of time.

Until this decade, our dream was only an idealistic and somewhat philosophic thought. When we realized that finally, there is enough information to process in order to turn our thought into something real, we went a bit crazy. And we never stopped working at ways to use it all.

But achieving Big Data harmony is not a task for the underprepared. It takes expert skills, knowledge, and a great deal of patience. And a sort of data perfectionism that seems to affect all our personnel.

The big data obsession

As we all agreed not to keep it a secret, we must explain how this obsessive behavior towards big data affects us, to prevent our clients from thinking we are actually crazy.

To exemplify, here are some of the occasions when we engaged in a leghty debate over big data:

At breakfast. Family picnics. During any sport event, no matter its importance. While sailing. Shopping for groceries. During any TV series. Yes, even that one. During our own wedding ceremony – this was only briefly interrupted by the dance. We also interrupted - and ruined - paintball fights, cycling, boxing, jogging and tennis. We even crafted big data fairy tales so we can brainstorm while putting our children at sleep. During voting, from separate voting booths. At couples counceling. Shouting at club venues. Getting shushed at the movie theater.

The only circumstance where we never speak of it is at the dentist. The tubes prevent it

Our plan

We want to change the world. And we want to change your business in the process. To do that, we intend to explain big data and promote it until there is no one left thinking it’s something that’s supposed to be difficult.

Sure, we also plan to go vegan and reduce stress. But that’s not our focus.