Regulatory government entities

A government organization can use Big Connect to improve the decision making processes, to identify and reduce inefficiencies, eliminate waste, fraud and abuse, and enhance transparency and services.

Public tenders

Tackling the rising level of corruption and unfair competition worldwide, the use of big data can monitor public tenders and screen for suspicious behaviors of company associations and consortiums. Using a complex search engine, graph and link analysis and behavior analytics tools, a regulatory entity can prevent and investigate public tender fraud.

Tax Authorities

Big Connect can be used by tax authorities to combat and investigate fraud and tax evasion, by offering visibility of all activity related to taxpayers.

Regulatory compliance

Big data can assess compliance for government regulators, providing integrated compliance and enforcement data and history assessment to agencies managing resources such as oil, forests or water. Environmental managers can track if project facilities meet environmental regulations.

Social services

The impact big data can have on Social Security is undeniable. The allocation of financial help for low income families can be made more efficient, as well as identifying suspicious cases that may indicate fraud.