A way to change how you collect, organize and analyze your data for better results. Big Connect can help you optimize costs, magnify customer experience and even create new products or services.

Personalize your marketing

Your offer can change instantly by taking into account a client’s purchase and buying history, usage patterns, favorite devices or his support requests. Combine them with outside data like location, social context, taxes or demographic info. A telecom operator can now even team up with merchants and other service providers and offer contextual promotions using their client’s real-time movement.

Customer Journey Analytics

Follow your client’s actions step by step and find out what’s the best offer to give. Establish interests and convert them into actions. We can do this by combining data such as customer demographics or clickstreams with the client’s location or his preferences. By studying their large patterns, a better customer journey can be achieved.

Dynamic help

As soon as an issue appears, brought to our attention by bigCONNECT’s analytics tools, we can address it before it hits the clients. This will offer a smoother customer experience, decreasing at the same time the pressure on your call centers and cutting costs.

Lose less by fraud

Today’s communications industry tackles a raise of communications fraud generated by the widespread use of smart devices and IP networks. Basically, communications fraud may come from anywhere on Earth, from any source, at any given time. Decrease toll number fraud and completely avoid credit card fraud by using bigCONNECTs predictive mechanisms.

Security and information management

Big Connect analyses log data and detects abnormalities, triggering special alerts as soon as weird patterns occur, and sending it directly to a security analyst. This provides a better platform for storage and analytics while cutting costs at the same time.

Optimize network traffic

Manage your network infrastructure and run real-time deep packet inspection. You can optimize the network quality, deployment and coverage by analyzing network traffic in real time, measure the cellular network performance or data traffic for provisioning.

New sources of revenue

bigCONNECT can open up new sources of revenue by selling insights about customers to third parties. All the data is mined from open-source networks or learned using the behavior analytics tools offered by the platform.